Scientific Herald - № 10/2016

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Avercheva N. O.
Economic problems and prospects of European integration of the meat sector of Ukraine’s poultry industry 

Aleksych K. O.
Strategic competitive analysis as a tool for the formation of competitive advantages in the enterprise competitiveness providing system

Apopiy V. V., Shaleva O. I., Gushtan T. V.
Trends of specialization in Ukrainian retail

Babukh I. B.
Theoretical approaches to the analysis of commercial activity and its management

Bagorka M. A.
System of environmental marketing in agricultural production

Bila S. O., Shvaiuk Y. E.
Energy sector role in competitiveness growth of the national economy: international experience and Ukrainian reality

Bilyk V. V.
Characteristics of innovative-investment component of economic security of enterprises of Ukraine

Bozhanova O. V.
Organizational and economic support change management at the industrial enterprise

Bondar V. A.
Environmental innovation in the organization and production of grinding

Borodin M. Y.
Directions for the upgrade and innovative development of the Ukrainian oil and gas complex within the European integration context

Bratuta A. G.
Preceding knowledge of the concretely-cientific level as an element of methodological support of Ukrainian economical sciences

Brenzovych K. S., Lapa I. V.
The role of the Great Britain in political and economic integration of the European Union

Breus S. V.
Investing in higher education in the context of economic security of higher education institutions

Britchenko I. G., Saienko V. G.
Business in Ukraine: socio-economic processes orientation to the foreign economic relations

Britsyna Y. V.
Trends of secondary and vocational education development in Ukraine

Buchynska T. V.
Staff competitiveness as the main factor of increasing the efficiency of the enterprise

Vatslavskyi O. I.
The role of public financial control in the formation and execution of local budgets

Vitrenko A. О.
Economic system transformation in terms of post-industrialism and the need for service economy theory a paradigm shift

Vlasiuk T. O.
Features of trade relations between Ukraine and the EU: the risks and potential incentives

Volkova L. A.
Multi-agent approach to the research of innovative behaviour of personnel in industrial enterprises

Hranovska V. H.
Theoretical design of formation of competitive advantages of agricultural enterprises

Hrytsyna L. A.
The corporate social responsibility of the enterprises: international and Ukrainian experience

Dankiv Y. Y., Ostapyuk M. I., Slyvka Y. V.
Role and contribution of Ukrainian scientists in restoring classical accounting under nep

Dziubanovska N. V.
Econometric approach to the study of convergence of the level of international trade in European Union countries

Dibrova O. V.
Іnnovative aspect of information security of knowledge based economy of Ukraine

Zhuchenko A. M.
The formation of priority socio-economic policy of region as factor of sustainable development

Izyumska V. A., Kuryacha N.V.
Analysis of commercial accumulational standards of pension provision

Ilchenko T. V.
Agricultural marketing research in Ukraine: features and prospects 

Katana A. V.
Tendencies and features of forming of solvent demand are at the food market

Kovtun O. A.
The ground of the mechanism of impact on the level of household confidence in financial market institutions

Kopylova O. V.
Capital raising for small-scale companies through stock exchange infrastructure

Kostyuchenko N. P.
Influence of monetary policy on employment in the European Union

Lanovska G. I., Stehnii Y. I.
Credit relations banking institutions with enterprises as a prerequisite for expanded reproduction


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Lytovchenko I. L., Khmeliarova Y. A.
Subcontracting as a modern form of industrial cooperation

Maznev G. E., Zaika S.О., Gridin О. V.
Crisis management as an area of business administration

Marchenko O. І., Saienko Y. P.
Review of approaches to the definition of «innovation»

Mohylova A. Y., Reshetnikova I. V.
Features of marketing in the educational services market

Myagkyh I. M, Sliusar L. A
Innovative  approaches of wages and staffing  in modern aviation enterprises

Nesen A. V.
Formation of multiple administrative mechanism in the activities of agricultural enterprises

Nyenno I. M.
Dynamic and comparative analysis of the sea trade ports business-models

Nikiforova L. O.,Jockusch T. O., Liu Lijiang
Model assessment of innovative investment attractiveness of migratory with human capital

Nikolaenko Yu. V., Shyshlov Т. А.
Essence and necessity of adjusting of economic security of national economy

Nosyriev O. O.
The influence of external factors on the financial results of the enterprises engineering Ukraine

Pavlova G. Y., Honcharenko O. V.
The rationale of the approach to managing the process of introduction of innovative technologies in the agrarian sector

Pavlova S. I., Mahnushevska T. N.
Method target costing progressive method trust as strategic management of expenses

Perminova S. О., Knysh A. Y.
The problem aspects of intellectual property of taxation at enterprise

Pinchuk T. A.
The role of development programs in telecommunication operator activities

Ponomarenko T. V.
Evaluation logic in economic stability of enterpise

Prokopenko I. V.
Human capital of machinebuilding enterprises: identification, structure and international competetiveness

Radionova Y. V.
Comprehensive analysis and assessment of the effectiveness of innovative activity of agro-industrial enterprises

Samofatova V. A.
Methodological aspects of formation of sustainable development of agri-food sphere of the region

Sas K. I.
Role and significance of anti-crisis strategy for commercial banks

Sevostjanova G. S.
Current situation of legislative basis of  providing  public purchases in Ukraine

Sichka I. I.
Factors that influence on the investment attractiveness of the tourism and recreation industry in Ukraine

Stoyanova-Koval S. S., Stoyanova O. M.
Current assets of agrarian enterprises: economic essence and methodological approaches to the specifics of their classification

Susidenko V. T., Pidlypna R. P., Yuhas E. F.
Accounting and analytical support of financial security of enterprises

Таrasenko K. M.
The place of Ukraine in the international labor market

Tymchak V. S.
Innovative directions of brewing industry waste use

Halimon T. N.
The enterprise competitiveness strategies

Кharun O. A.
Classification management labor potential of industrial enterprises

Khyzhniak V. O.
Ensuring of state control over the sales of imported consumer goods in accordance with the world practice

Chunitska I. I.
Development trends of functional and technological components of the financial market infrastructure

Shabelnyk L. Y.
Approaches to typization and systematization of  standards of industrial products in Ukraine

Shpylovyi B. V.
The basic tools of financial security of banks

Batrakova T. I., Schus L. V.
Financial crisis: causes, analysis, ways of overcoming

Yarosh Y. O.
Distribution of social investment - economic region of Ukraine



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